Saturday, September 10, 2011

How Much is My Boat Worth?

Finding out how much your boat is worth is not an easy task, especially in this economy! Guessing is obviously not the way to go, although many folks do just that and end up selling for much less than necessary by panic selling.

Some important factors that we take into consideration when giving a Free Boat Market Evaluation are; the overall realistic condition compared to other similar vessels that we have recently sold; availability of service records; the location; how soon the owner wants the boat sold; how often the boat is used and dozens of other important factors about the vessel are taken into consideration as well. Some boat sellers think that because they have top of the line FURUNO Electronics on their Motor Yacht that it drastically increases the value of the vessel. This is simply not the case, especially to a buyer that may only want GARMIN Electronics. In short, with the marine electronics industry changing so fast, what is top of the line this year may be considered obsolete next year. Yes, we take electronics into consideration when giving a seller a boat market evaluation, but how the vessel was (and is) maintained overall far outweighs the electronics package.

At GOLDEN GATE BOAT we offer a realistic, no obligation, Boat Market Evaluation backed by over fifteen years of experience. Our Sales Team is ready to assist you with the value, marketing process and closing process to make sure you receive the most cash out of your boat sale as possible. The poor state of our economy has brought out more scammers than ever before and why using a Licensed and Bonded Yacht & Ship Broker is the only way to go. Don't ever be afraid to ask to see a Yacht Broker's License and Credentials...after all, it's your boat and it's your money!


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